Bette & Wolf


· May 12th
· Julie Doucet + Dominique Pétrin / Paper Rad
· 2boys.tv / My Barbarian

May 12th, beginning at 8:00 pm

La Biennale de Montréal 2007 has entrusted guest curator Alexandre Lemieux with part of its Music and Performance component. Under the theme "Crack the Sky", he has brought together people whose artistic expression is not limited to one single medium. Their performances blend music and graphic art; there are no rules. Their music drives an integral artistic expression which gives rise to both provocative and inspirational encounters by well known artists, each boasting an imagination of limitless proportions that shrugs off compromise.

Les Georges Leningrad will present petrochemical rock, a mixture of dub, disco, post-punk and no-wave while in The Asparagus Ballet, Pil & Gallia Kollectiv will explore the aesthetics of politics in everyday life and the assimilation of high modernism in popular culture. The majority of their work is based on collage-animation and was influenced by Russian constructivism, the onset of European cinema and children's comics of the 1980s. We also welcome Peaches, a phenomenon in its own right, leader of the electro punk movement, master of raw, minimal sound, from the electronic hick to the catchy rhythm. Lesbians on Ecstasy will present its Amphiteatre of Homosexuality project, whose inspiration stems from folk artists and punk bands while rewriting lesbian history on the dance floor. Paper Rad, a collective that designs comic strips, video art and Net-art, installations and performances will also be on hand. Finally, of note is the participation of Canadian rock signer Carole Pope, whose blend of hard edged New Wave Rock and homoerotic lyrics have made her the foremost overtly lesbian pop star in the world.

Curatorship : Alexandre Lemieux in collaboration with Bruno Ricciardi-Rigault

Société des Arts Technologiques [SAT]
1195 Boulevard Saint-Laurent,
T : (514) 790-1245
Ticket : www.admission.com
Saturday May 12th, beginning at 8:00 pm
Admission fees : 25$

Julie Doucet + Dominique Pétrin

Animalerie Ju-Do is a store-installation, an amalgamation of cages filled with paper-mâché animals. The general public will be invited to adopt these animals, to sign an adoption agreement as well as other documents. Animalerie Ju-Do's employees, Julie Doucet and Dominique Pétrin will be present during the pet store's business hours.

Paper Rad

Paper Rad is a collective that creates comic strips, video art, net-art, MIDI files, panels, installations and performances. Paper Rad and its collaborators have designed video clips for artists such as Beck (Gameboy, Homeboy), Lightning Bolt, Wolf Eyes and Bubble Puppy. The collective will be organizing an interactive workshop for La Centrale / Galerie Powerhouse.

La Centrale / Galerie Powerhouse
4296 Saint-Laurent
T : 514-871-0268
Thursday 10th to Sunday 13th of May
Noon till 7 pm
Free admission


Stephen Lawson and Aaron Pollard, under the moniker of 2boys.tv, or, as their alter egos, Gigi L'Amour and Pipi Douleur-create and tour multimedia performance pieces that conjure up phantasmagoric ghosts from the vaults of gothic and film noir popular culture. Based in Montreal, the duo has produced multimedia videos and performances in clubs, galleries and cabarets around the world. 2boys.tv carries on with its exploration for "Crack the Sky" by creating Phobophilia, a mixed media installation and performance that will be presented at the École Bourget and at Sala Rossa.

My Barbarian

My Barbarian is a Los Angeles collective who brings an innovative interdisciplinary approach to performance cabaret that blends theatre, jazz dancing, Broadway show tunes, mystical pageants, pop music and new genre art into a form called SHOWCORE (as in hardcore showmanship). Their revolutionary stage performances feature incisive political protests against, for example, Republican foreign policy, American political intolerance of gay marriage, and the legalization of marijuana into a cheerleader's drill that closes with mass emigration to Canada. My Barbarian is producing a new multi-media performance installation called Gods of Canada II for Crack the Sky.

Sala Rossa
4848 Blvd Saint-Laurent
l Saturday, May 12th
From 9:00 pm
Admission: $10
T : 514-844-4247

École Bourget
1230 rue de la Montagne.
Metro Guy-Concordia
Admission: $6